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David Ellefson Bass Signature Series
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New December 2020! The David Ellefson FUSION Signature Bass Set. These strings start with a 92/8 phosphor bronze under-wrap wire over a hard-tempered hexagonal steel core. Then, the "Fusion Winding" process, exclusive to S.I.T. uses an electrical calibration technique to integrate the strings cover winding with its core. This innovative method fuses a string into one super flexible mass, eliminating dead spots that occur during the strings life. These SIT David Ellefson FUSION Signature Series nickel strings were specifically selected and gauged by David Ellefson for his professional touring and recording needs
Our most popular and widely used bass strings. Nickel plated cover wrap over a steel hex core is good for all applications. Warm and punchy tone combined with great feel. Most sets available in long and extra long length. Custom sets also available.


Set 1 2 3 4 5
David Ellefson FUSION 5-String .045 .065 .080 .100 .125
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David Ellefson FUSION 5-String