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RB Nickel Bass

Vihuela Black

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Acoustic Guitar
Vihuela Black
The ultimate bright-sounding bass string. These strings start with a 92/8 phosphor bronze under-wrap wire over a hard-tempered hexagonal steel core. Then, the "Fusion Winding" process, exclusive to S.I.T. uses an electrical calibration technique to integrate the strings cover winding with its core. This innovative method fuses a string into one super flexible mass, eliminating dead spots that occur during the strings life. These RB (Rock Bright) bass strings are available in a variety of gauges and combinations including long and extra-long scale. All RB bass strings are made with USA made cover-wrap wire over USA made hexagonal core. These strings are available in either Nickel (NRB) or Stainless Steel (SRB).


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CG-VHB1 .033 .041 .030 .033 .041
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Vihuela Black