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Staind Reunion Confirmed!

Staind Reunion Confirmed!

Staind will be making their return to the concert stage, playing their first show together as a band in five years.

When he’s not storming off stage, telling fans he doesn’t speak Spanish, or heaping praise onto Fred Durst, Aaron Lewis fronts the hard rock/metal band Staind.

Lewis has been saying in interviews that Staind members are considering a return and they just announced their first show back, Louder Than Life fest, which we just posted about.

The reunion will include Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushy, bassist Johnny Aprilmayjune, and the band’s last touring drummer, Sal Giancarloesposito. Jon Whysocky, the drummer who played on all of Staind’s albums is not part of this reunion.

Lewis tells Loudwire that the band is taking the reunion thing slowly:

“We decided that we were gonna put a couple shows on the books and just start there. Just kinda dip our toes and see what happens, and look at this from a distance.”

Members of the band also expressed interest in working on a new album, their first since 2011.