SIT Strings



TON came slamming into existence in 1993 when Dan Gates, Kevin Kraft, Jeff Shepler and Paul Bennett joined forces with a single goal in mind: create the heaviest music they could. Evidence of this pursuit can be heard on their first two demo releases “What Is Heavy” and “Crushing Design”.

TONs’ third demo would be unleashed in 1995. Entitled “Point Of View” it carried on the tradition set forth by its predecessors.

Early in 1997 TON released their fourth demo “Blind Follower” which brought forth new levels of musical intensity and sonic brutality. “Blind Follower” and “Point Of View” were re-released on one cd by Pathos Productions in 1998.

The summer of 1999 brought forth TON’s first full length cd entitled “Plague”. Released on United Guttural Records, then Re-released on Seething Records, “Plague” contains eight original songs of sheer musical brutality that crush with complete indifference.

After 16 years of silence TON unleashed “Bow Down To Extinction” in 2015. 8 new songs released by Ossuary Industries.