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Ørjan Kvalvik

Ørjan Kvalvik

Ørjan Kvalvik (born November 18, 1977), Norwegian musician born in Bergen and raised in Florø, residing in Oslo, Norway.

Took up the guitar at 10 years of age after playing drums and bass. Took guitar lessons for a couple of years and eventually chose to teach himself. Became guitar teacher at the age of 16, but focused more on his own band projects beside music studies at Firda VGS 1996-98. Started including Black Sabbath Tribute Band, Auqalung (Jethro Tull), Limelight (Rush), Riff Raff (AC⚡️DC) and made club and festival jobs.

After two years in Bergen as a freelance, he moved to Oslo in the year 2000 to study at the Niss Musician Education where he met more like-minded people who made a lot of work and ghost musicians. Started with guitar lessons again.

Joined the Charlies Drugstore as “gunslinger” and did studio, festival work, concerts with bla Toto, Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band, for the release of the band in 2006. Did school concerts for the Riks concerts with the band Hayseed as a substitute.

Started St Andrews Fall that contributed to the TV series “Sky Blue” on Norwegian national broadcast. Worked as “stunt guitarist” in bands like Ozzmosis, Gentle Groove, Salvation Army and AC / Lizzy with Tore Moren.

Contributing to the project of Charles Mena, Quantum Force who debuted with the Soul Particles album in 2011.

Then started The Wheel as a songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer of the band. The debut album came in 2011 and was followed by tour, festival jobs, and rock cruise with Uriah Heep, UFO, Ken Hensley, Sweet, Dan Reed, etc. The reviews from home and abroad were very positive. Was named album of the month in Italy. The Wheel has just released his second album 2nd & 10 to great reviews. Currently out on tour and working hard in the studio.