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Konstantinos Revelas

Konstantinos Revelas

Konstantinos Revelas is a Bouzouki artist from Cleveland, Ohio. At a young age he was strongly attracted to the magnetic energy of the Greek Bouzouki, and began learning the roads of the Trichordo (6-string) and Tetrachord (8-string).

Growing up as a third-generation Greek in America, he always longed for a taste of Greece and the chance to immerse himself in its rich culture; grounding himself in music, he has found his way to continue creating a musical expression of his roots.

In 2019 Konstantinos became the first to introduce the Greek Bouzouki as a principal instrument of study in American academia at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and also holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration.

Konstantinos has performed for countless audiences throughout North America and Greece, capturing each and every listener at with electrifying improvisations and soulful melodies. Throughout his travels Konstantinos has collaborated with numerous musicians and artists around the world, and has performed everywhere from large stages to small taverns, and from city streets to sailboats on the Mediterranean Sea.

He draws inspiration from Bouzouki artists and legends such as his father Demetris, George Soffos, Costas Charalambous, Jordan Filippidis, Jack Gregory Halikias, John & Nikos Tatasopoulos, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Manolis Hiotis, George Papazekos, and many other musical gems in his communities. While currently performing, recording, and instructing music lessons, his philosophy a modern Bouzouki artist is to preserve the traditions and tonalities of the old world while progressing the boundaries of experimental global sound and musical expression.

“I prefer SIT Strings with my 6-string and 8-string bouzoukia for their sharp tone and flexibility on the fretboard, while truly staying in tune even after several hours of live performance!”