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Joe Vitale Jr (Ravenwood)

Joe Vitale Jr (Ravenwood)

Music is in his blood. Maybe literally. This multi-instrumentalist is the son of legendary rock drummer Joe Vitale, and spent his early years cutting his teeth on the road with Joe Walsh, The Stephen Stills Blues Band, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. He now performs with his personal band Ravenwood.

Vitale started playing guitar while in high school, and also began writing his own material. This evolved into the forward-thinking industrial rock you now hear at his shows. Vitale said of his music: “My message has always been triumph over adversity.”

Along with being a musician, Vitale is also a producer, audio engineer, and an award-winning cinematographer and director.

Vitale is currently touring and working on a new album for Ravenwood. (Photo by Michael Skolosh)