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Çağlar Hepterlikçi

Çağlar Hepterlikçi

Caglar Hepterlikci is a guitarist and producer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

With a deep and diverse passion for music, he thrives on creating emotive, articulate records with detail and depth for his clients, no matter what the genre. Having an equally strong musical background as a bass player, he is able to seamlessly bridge the division between engineer and musician. This allows him to create records with technical precision whilst retaining the music’s intended character and dynamic.

Caglar founded his own independent production company. The artist offers workshops, high-quality backing tracks, and instrumentals for different projects. Caglar has performed and recorded with an array of professional artists, including Murat Dalkilic.

His popular studio release includes “Secret Sky” and “Parallel Journey”, which was inspired by NASA’s photo release of the black hole.