Tamás Kovács

Tamás Kovács from Hungary began his guitar studies at the age of 15. Steve Vai, The Flower Kings, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Music by Plini, John Coltrane, and Tom Quayle had a big impact on him. In 2007 he studied classical guitar as a student of Miklós Pál Környei. Of course, the current genres of music also piqued his interest, for which he quickly realized that authentic jazz was the shortest path. Thus, he started his studies in 2012 with Gábor Szalay, to whom he owes his commitment to music to this day. After that he continued his studies with Márton Fenyvesi and Mátyás Tóth. In 2017, he was admitted to the Jazz Department of the Liszt Ferenc University of Music, under the supervision of Gyula Babos, Sándor Horányi, Attila László and Gábor Juhász. He is currently a private student of Gábor Madarász-MADI (Ákos, Magdi Rúzsa). Meanwhile, Tamás gained a lot of experience as a musician in theater life and concerts. Initially he became the guitarist of the Vác Danube Theater, later he became the leader of the band. At the Gergely Csiky Theater in Kaposvár, he had the opportunity to work with his former teacher, the composer Béla Faragó and director Yvett Bozsik. He is currently the guitarist of many musical plays of the Vígszínház (comic theatre). As a composer, he has released his first album with his own band, the Sequence Quartet, entitled “First Journey”. He also participated in the instrumentation of the Dr. Peller Jazz Band’s album “Let There Be Jazz” with Dr. György Peller and Zoltán Molnár. As a guitarist of the David Spischak Quartet he is currently developing his mainstream musical knowledge with a modern jazz setting. He was able to try himself in several formations, including the Balkan Fanatik band, where he could work with no less than Gábor Lepés (Ákos) and Jorgosz Tzortzoglou. (Barbaro) Thanks to the Dr. Peller Jazz Band, he gained a concert experience with much of the “jazz scene” in Hugary including Mihály Borbély, Gábor Kollmann, István Elek, Richárd Szaniszló, György Jeszenszky, Dániel Mester, Gábor Baris, Károly Gáspár. Tamás was greatly influenced by the playing of guitarist Tom Quayle, which made him play his guitar today it in “fourth tuning”.
Since 2019 he is an endorser for Fibenare Guitars.