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Damon Johnson Releases New Live Album “Birmingham Tonight”

Damon Johnson Releases New Live Album “Birmingham Tonight”

We are pleased to share that Damon is releasing his blazing new live album, ‘Birmingham Tonight’, on Sept. 22, 2017.

The set was recorded in the spring of ’16 in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama at his favorite venue, WorkPlay.
“It’s still hard for me to believe that this has all come to fruition,” Damon says. “My band played their asses off at WorkPlay that night, and I was also fortunate to have some long time friends involved with the audio and recording. They all brought their years of experience and love to this project and I will be forever grateful. This album is simply badass.”

‘Birmingham Tonight’ is an anthology of sorts, showcasing music from Damon’s diverse efforts as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. In addition to several favorites from the Brother Cane catalog, there are some new songs, a Black Star Riders song, and a blistering version of Phil Lynott’s epic, “The Boys Are Back In Town”. “How poetic that I would finally record the song that changed my life multiple times over, and do it in Birmingham. There are no unanswered questions as to what Thin Lizzy has meant to my life and career, and there’s no better song for me to record as a solo artist and say “thank you” than “The Boys Are Back…”.

In the meantime, ‘Birmingham Tonight’ will fill the task of entertaining the converted and educating the unknowing about Damon Johnson, the artist.